Optimise your loan by having your mortgage transferred

Arrange your loan transfer with ease and secure your rate up to 24 months in advance.
By moving your mortgage to Crédit Agricole Financements, you will benefit from our favourable rates and reduce your future repayments.
You can secure your rate up to 24 months in advance1 and, to make your transfer easier, your rate will be guaranteed for one month, fee-free.

Save money with a tailored offer at our favourable rates.
We give you the option of splitting your loan into several tranches at a duration of your choice. In addition, any exit fees you incur from our competitors can be incorporated into the loan2.

Benefit from tax advantages when switching bank3
Depending on which canton you live in, exit fees on loans may be tax deductible. In addition, you may be entitled to tax deductions if you make improvements to your home which do not serve to increase its value.


  • Optimise the cost of your financing
  • Incorporate any penalties into the loan amount
  • The penalty amount is tax-deductible in certain cantons



1 An additional fee will be charged to secure your rate depending on the rate chosen.
2 See terms and conditions in branch
3 Each canton is governed by its own tax regulations and we would advise you to contact the relevant authorities or your financial adviser to find out more.