Functions and secure zone

The My CA Financementsapplication has been developed to help us satisfy user expectations. It has a wide range of functions, which are split between a public zone and a secure, private zone.

The ‘public’ zoneis accessible to all and provides general information, such as the nearest branches, mortgage rates and a currency converter.

The ‘private’ zonerequires you to choose a profile and enter your PIN number for the application. This space is secure, which is why you also have to use your usual e-banking password for access to manage your accounts and customer information.

E-banking access

Public zone functions:

  • Home: Authentication screen
  • Branches: Click to find the contact details for your own branch
  • Rates: Check the latest mortgage and saving rates
  • Tools: Access a loan simulator and a currency converter
  • Menu:Access contacts for technical issues and assistance


Private zone functions:

  • Accounts: Check your accounts, entries and loan instalments
  • Payments: Make payments as required and at any time to payees already recorded in your e-banking details
  • Stock market: Check market trends and daily values
  • Contacts: Send a message and receive information from your advisor
  • Menu : Access the welcome screen

Support file functions


Discover all of the functions of the app's public and private areas. 
Download the support file


Support file payments


Make a payment from your smartphone. 
Download the support file