CA EssenCiel

CHF Salary Account: maximise the return on your salary

Cross-border clients have specific banking needs: Crédit Agricole Financements (Suisse) SA’s EssenCiel package is the only Swiss banking solution uniquely intended for cross-border clients: it enables you to transfer all or part of your salary back home to France and carry out your everyday banking in Switzerland and abroad.



With this personal account, you can: receive your Swiss salary, transfer money to your account in France or abroad at minimum cost, manage your accounts via Internet with our e-banking solution, and withdraw cash in Switzerland and abroad. It is also possible to add a joint account to the main account.



Diversify your investments and save in a strong currency: our banking offer also includes a savings account in Swiss francs, with a favourable interest rate of 0.35 % from the first franc deposited with no upper limit.



Would you like to have the freedom to withdraw cash from Bancomats and pay for your purchases in shops in Switzerland? Our offer includes a very useful Maestro debit card that enables you to make free unlimited cash withdrawals from all Crédit Agricole Financements (Suisse) SA Bancomats. You will also benefit from 3 free withdrawals per month from Bancomats owned by other Swiss banks.



SEPA and international transfers: in order to send your salary in Swiss francs back home or easily transfer money abroad, we offer you services that are among the most effective and least expensive on the market.



Our e-banking service enables you to carry out all of your domestic and international payments and transfers in complete security from your computer or smartphone.



Our offer includes a MasterCard credit card1 which enables you to make your purchases in shops all over the world, as well as online.

  • Maestro card subscription is included in the price of the package
  • Free and unlimited SEPA transfers
  • Transfer of your salary back home to France
  • Free unlimited cash withdrawals from all Bancomats owned by Crédit Agricole Financements (Suisse) SA
  • Credit card subscription fee is free of charge for the 1st year1
  • Savings account at a favourable interest rate of 0.35 %
Individual EssenCiel package CHF 15.- per month
Pack EssenCiel joint CHF 15.- per month

The CA EssenCiel is available free of charge if an average account balance of CHF 20,000 is maintained2

1 The validity of this offer depends on the credit card conditions of issue, in accordance with the conditions set by the bank (information available at your local branch).
2 The average balance in the accounts (current account, savings account, fixed-term deposit account), in the same client's name must be at least CHF 20,000 when it is calculated at the end of the month.